Web Summit Event

Production and Staging


Date: December 2022

Category: Production and management of a stand and a TV set at the Web Summit 2022, Lisbon

Strategic proposal, planning and development of a key project at the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, the largest technological event in the world.

We designed and produced an experimental meeting point based on the metaverse and equipped with trending audiovisual resources, aimed at generating a unique experience. Within the framework of the activities carried out, we organized meetings with the most relevant worldwide technology companies, specific sessions on technological innovation, conferences with leading speakers, as well as demonstrations of products and successful case studies.

In addition to these activities, we created inspiring content, organised round tables, and networking opportunities, as well as  key pitches for global development at the center stages of the event.

We also transmitted a broadcast with live content, live interviews with participants and guests, organising a diverse range of activities such as script development, on-site video recording as well as employing pre-recorded materials specifically created for the webcast.

To top it all off, we held a corporate gastro-mapping show; a gastronomic journey where we bridged the gap between the metaverse and reality, challenging basic assumptions about the barriers between the real world and the new technology universe.