Production and Staging

Cliente: URSA


Fecha: October 2021

Categoría: Organisation of a teambuilding corporate volunteering activity

Project management and internal communication of a corporate volunteering event, carried out in the Sierra de Madrid in October 2021, for URSA Madrid employees.

The #De-trashing teambuilding initiative was organised in collaboration with the NGO Seo Bird Life, and consisted of a main action of cleaning and selective waste collection in a natural area and characterisation of the rubbish collected.

The activity was completed with a workshop to identify the most frequent waste and its origin, and with an informative and awareness-raising session in favour of the environment. In total, more than 135 kilos of waste were collected.

The proposal included the identification of an appropriate area to carry out the cleanup action, management of permits and insurance, transport of participants, delivery of the material necessary for the participants, a picnic as well as a snack to finish the day.

In addition, an internal communication plan -both before and after the event – was implemented, which included the sending of several e-cards to employees, event follow-up with pre-scripted interviews and the production of a video summary. We also organized the production and personalisation of the branded gift at the end of the activity, an urban vegetable garden, with the aim to make the participants’ commitment to sustainability more lasting, extending it beyond the volunteering day itself.