Production and Staging


Date: November 2021

Category: Production and management of a stand and a TV set at the Web Summit 2021 (Lisbon)

A strategic proposal, with the planning and development of a turnkey and integral project in the Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon – annual international technology conference.

To this end, and taking the concept requested by the client as a starting point, we have conceived, designed and created a unique and identifiable space within the Web Summit, the Sustainability Studio. It included a complete television set, provided with the latest audiovisual equipment, in order to generate a unique and differentiated audiovisual experience within the framework of this conference.

Live content, as well as videos recorded on-site and other pre-recorded material created specifically for this event were broadcast continuously from the Sustainability Studio space via an online streaming platform.

Pre-recorded COP26 material -produced specifically for the Web Summit- has also been streamed, and several live interviews have been held, with live connections from the Web Summit Centre Stage, as well as from the COP26 in Glasgow.

As part of the activities carried out at the stand, we managed the intervention of the participants and the guests, including the drafting of the scripts and the organisation of different activities.