Integramos valor. Valuable 500


Client: Endesa


Date: 2022

Category: Internal communication campaign

Internal communication campaign and branding production developed for Endesa about increasing awareness of the strategic commitment to the inclusion of disabilities. The main objective was to highlight the value of signing up to the Valuable 500 initiative as the first energy company to join.

To do this, we designed a creative identity and a slogan that we developed through specific pieces of communication – such as newsletters, ecards, banners and infographics. – which effectively informed the strategies that the company was implementing.

In addition, we were responsable for producing attractive content that elicits empathy for people with disabilities and support for the active integration policies. Good examples of this would be manuals and digital decalogues on disability designed for the employee, collaborative videos and inclusive signage, accessible to all.

We also carried out participatory actions, inclusive for all workers. For instance, we created the quiz ‘Pon a prueba tu lenguaje sobre discapacidad”. A fun and positive multi-choice quiz game about the correct use of language.

Finally, this campaign promoted integration within the work teams, as well as motivated the staff to adhere to the campaign in their field of work. Following positive feedback the project was deemed a success resulting in it being extendied until 2023.